Sony LED TV Service Center in Barrackpore

Are you looking for a reliable and best TV repairing man? Worried that the repair cost will be too high? Luckily we are here with our Sansui LED TV Service Center in Kolkata to answer all your TV repair needs at very affordable prices with assured workmanship.

Television is a very common household appliance that is present in almost every household. It is the most common form of home entertainment for the general public and on average Asians watch more than 3 hours of TV every day. Losing your favorite TV serial or soap due to a faulty TV set is a nightmare for some people.

Luckily for you, we can get your TV repair done right at your doorstep at very reasonable rates. In most cases, we will dispatch our trained technician to repair your TV on the spot or they will take it back with them and return the repaired set the next day.

Why choose Sansui LED TV Service Center:-

We guarantee the work done, parts with the same configuration, and the fairest prices. Give us a call if you need any service to repair your LED LCD Television (TV). We try to repair and solve problems at your location. If the TV has any major issues or is necessary, our staff will assemble, repair, and reinstall the LCD TV at no extra charge. The main motto of our Sansui LCD TV Service Center in Kolkata is to save unnecessary costs for our customers and to give you complete satisfaction, and a pleasant and lasting experience.

If the TV is still under company warranty then it makes sense to call the service center of the concerned manufacturer but if the warranty has already expired, then calling the company for repairs can be a costly affair as their prices are much higher than our repair prices. We can say that our repair cost is easily 30% less than that of an authorized service center for the same repair.

Our skilled technicians are equally capable of performing standard repairs at company service centers as they are attending to company service calls as well. Be assured that we only use genuine company parts and components for our repairs.

Common Problems

The most common problems with TVs are dead pixels, burn-in, no picture, blurry picture, picture discoloration, no power, no sound, cracked or scratched screen, damaged picture tube, damaged inverter, damaged capacitor, etc.

For the layman, TV is quite a complicated device, and trying to fix the problem on your own may not be a good idea as it may aggravate the problem and cause more damage. So, you need a trained technician to diagnose the root cause of the problem and make necessary repairs or replacement of spare parts.

Our Services:-

By contacting our technicians, you will get better guidance and necessary assistance to troubleshoot technical issues in your television set. Also, if you are facing any LED LCD TV problems like – a damaged or broken panel screen, no picture, distorted image, sound problem, high brightness or dark picture problem or LED LCD TV Not responding or any other problem our Sansui LED TV Service Center in Kolkata is always ready to solve your television problems. Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers with our repair service. Hence, you will get the best return for your effort by contacting us in Kolkata to get your required television repair services.

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