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Advance Servicing is the leading Onida LED TV service center and Onida LED TV Repairing Service Provider in Kolkata. Irrespective of the make, or model of the brand, we are confident that our experienced team of experts can provide an excellent and affordable LED TV repair service. So, that you can be watching your favorite channels in no time. Apart from the LED TV repair service offered by us, we also provide LCD TV and Android TV repair services.

One of the leading Onida LED TV Service Center:-

We both know that LED TVs should provide better picture quality than LCD TV. So, if your TV doesn’t live up to your expectations give us a call and we will fix your problem. Furthermore, if your TV screen is broken, you might have heard from many TV repair companies in Kolkata that it will cost you a lot more to replace it than to buy a new one. However, we at Advance Servicing are happy to inform you that regardless of the condition of your LED TV, we can restore your screen at a lower cost than you might expect.

That is why if you are in need of an LED TV repair specialist in Kolkata, or an LCD TV repair specialist in Kolkata, we at Advance Servicing have immense experience in repairing not only TVs but almost all electronics at your home. To learn more, please contact us via (phone number) or email (email), and one of our engineers will be at your service within a few minutes.

Problems associated with LED TV sets?

It is true that LED TV is equipped with more advanced television technology than LCD TV. However, there are still some problems that are associated with these types of TV sets that we at Advance Servicing can fix for you. Here are some issues you should pay attention to and call us.

  • Wrong color
  • No pictures or images are clear
  • The led tv screen is blank
  • Horizontal lines on startup
  • No power
  • The speakers are thundering
  • No sound
  • The remote not working on the led tv

Possible Causes of LED TV Problems

  • The remote may not work due to low battery power, some buttons are not working on the remote, but the led tv remote sensor may be faulty, and if so Onida LCD TV Service Center in Kolkata will repair it for you.
  • Your LED TV’s speakers are damaged and have found no sound, have a lot of dirt in them, or even some insects have found your speaker cones tasty.
  • There may be a power capacity problem, or there may be a short circuit problem in the LED TV set.
  • Color issues can be caused by an aging screen, so color sensors usually start to fail, which is why you’ll see videos with a pale blue, red, or green tint.
  • The reason why your LED TV screen goes blank is because of the capacitors inside the LED TV. The second reason is a faulty TV panel, faulty circuit board in LED TV, or faulty LED in TV.

Timely Repair Services –

At Advance Servicing in Kolkata, we pride ourselves on the quality of cheap Onida LED TV repair services that we provide to our customers. Hence, our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we never fail to exceed customer expectations. So, it is highly recommended that you do not trust any technician who claims to be an expert in repairing LED TVs as repairs require highly trained LED TV repair technicians who have the skills to restore your faulty LED TV. Has experience and skills. At Advance Servicing, we’ve been repairing LED TVs for over two decades. So, you can be sure that regardless of the make or model of your TV, we’ll fix it.

Other reasons why you should choose Advance Servicing

You have the option of dropping your TV at our warehouse at Onida LED TV Service Center in Kolkata

  • We can pick up your branded LED or LCD TV at your home, or office.
  • Very reasonable repair charges.
  • Guarantee/Warranty Support for all repairs we perform on your TV.
  • Our engineers are highly skilled and use the latest test and diagnostic equipment to ensure quick and reliable repairs.
  • We are a locally established repair center.
  • Fast and efficient service.

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