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Why Haier LED LCD TV Service Centre:-

  • Lowest inspection Charge- If you are availing the service, then it is not necessary to provide an inspection, you will charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay only the inspection charge.
  • 30 days warranty- LED LCD Tv services are covered by 30 days warranty any issues within our warranty period please reach us immediately.
  • Trusted technicians- Haier LED LCD TV Service Centre in Kolkata provides services only from trusted technicians.
  • Pay after service- We provide service, only the pay after service terms condition. Before providing our service we will never charge any cost from our customers.

If you contact us, you will feel happy. By obtaining top-notch technical solutions, you will get many other beneficial services from them. Apart from this, you will get all services at the most reasonable cost and they also provide a guarantee to their customers. Therefore, without feeling anxious, if you contact us to meet your television repair needs, it will undoubtedly give you more satisfaction.

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